Lakewood Ranch Real Estate

Comfort and luxury are commodities which are not ordinarily found in everyday communities. In today's economy, where a lot of residential areas have taken a steep decline due to the recession, a good number of properties have definitely gone down in value and have depreciated to the point where homes are being sold way below market value. Some choose to make these purchases because they think they would be comfortable in those surroundings with a false sense of security and hope that the market would once again grow. This may hold true for most but there are still good areas with an indefinite amount of growth possible due to what the areas truly possess.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Lakewood Ranch real estate seeks to change all that. A community in South Florida which has been voted "Best Neighborhood" by Sarasota Magazine, homes in Lakewood are definitely ones which should not be passed up on. With a good number of property listings for resale, the community offers an ambiance like no other. Offering a spectacular view all around the area and confined by a lush landscape, Lakewood only seeks to make homeowners feel the pleasure of owning a home within the community. Shops and strip malls are also found near the area, giving owners a sense of a true, comfortable neighborhood to raise their children in and for them to be able to purchase their groceries, house tools and needed gardening accessories.

The school district is also one which offers people living within the community a way for their children to grow, as the schools within the area are safeguarded within the community. There are also places of worship inside the community so one should definitely not worry about missing any church services. The community offers an immense feeling of safety for every homeowner due to it being a gated community. The surrounding areas are filled with recreational facilities thus giving you options to keep in shape and to enjoy whatever the community can offer when it comes to enjoyment and pleasure.

The balmy weather of Southwest Florida also lends to the beauty of the place, with the warm sunshine during the day and the relaxed, laid back, cool nights being great contrasts to each other. Add this to the beauty of the community and there would be nothing else that you could ever ask for when living in such a beautiful place. Owning a home in Lakewood Ranch could also be a good investment in the sense that you can definitely use it as a home away from home. Florida has always been known to be a vacationist's state and a home within the area could definitely be used as vacation home for the family or quite possibly, a retirement home one can enjoy later on in life.

The community is also not that far from Sarasota. A 20 minute drive could take you there, giving you more options for your needs. As near as it is to Sarasota, it also provides easy access to Tampa, a fact that a big sports fan would love with the ease of a half hour drive going to a Tampa Bay Buccaneers or Tampa Bay Devil Rays game. Also, seeing as it is near University Parkway, your children need not move far away from home when they head to college as there are reputable universities and colleges near the area. Interstate 75 is also along the area and if one would tire of the surroundings of Lakewood Ranch, one can easily take a trip going to the states of Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan. Regularly, there are new listings within the area, with some homes being sold at or below market value, depending on the seller's needs.

Lakewood Ranch is a sprawling community of eight villages with tremendous room for growth. It is a wise investment, business wise, to purchase a home within the area and to have it rented or leased out. Estate experts have already stated that the community is set to boom pretty soon and this should help in deciding to purchase any property in the area. A great number of reviews have already placed an immense rise in value for Lakewood Ranch thus making it a great time to buy

One should immediately take advantage of this opportunity while all the prices are still within reach of the expected prices. Photos of homes that are being sold in the area can be found here together with their asking prices. Vacation rental options are also available for some homes, a testament that the houses in the area truly represent the beauty of living in such a splendid community. Some of these rental homes provide heated pools for one to relax in after a long day at the nearby golf course or tennis courts, something that cannot just be easily found anywhere. With the apparent rise of the market of Lakewood Ranch, one should already prepare for the increase in demand for homes in the area and it is highly recommended that one should purchase a home now to reap the benefits of living within the wonder that is called Lakewood Ranch.

Marc Rasmussen
Realtor in Sarasota, Florida
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